About this Blog

Hello, Reader, I guess you are interested in who I am and how this blog came to be?

My name is Connie and I am an undergraduate student from Vancouver, BC with an unnatural love of healthy, plant-based foods and exercise. I became pesco-vegetarian when I was 12, fully vegetarian when I was 17 and now I’m working towards becoming a vegan. The latter step has been super difficult, mostly due to inconvenience  for my family.

2011-12-04 16.29.31[3]

I started keeping my colourful and memory-filled recipes online in 2012, and decided to open up a WordPress page to share them with you! I’m not the most creative baker of wholesome foods, nor the most professional. But if you’re here, do give some of my recipes a chance. I often use some interesting ingredients inspired by my mom’s Chinese background in but in recipes inspired by zee européens.

The name Fruits for Dragons was a blog name I liked because:

1. Dragonfruit is one of my favourite fruits (I’m not sure which would win: dragonfruit vs. blueberries…)


2. I’m a 12 year old at heart and love all concepts of mythical creatures
3. The Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac is traditionally the most important year of all (I’m not one, but who cares)

dragon4. I would totally own a cute vegetarian dragon if they existed.

5. Fruits for Dragons is easier to pronounce in the Anglophone Canada than Fruits des Dragons, the French translation for dragonfruit.


Other than my obvious passion for baking wholesome, semi-healthy and often vegan goods include playing tennis, hiking, learning French (oui oui), reading, painting and drawing! I swear I’m not 50, although lots of my hobbies classify my as close to that age 🙂


Comments, sil vous plait?

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